Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need experience?

No! While some modeling experience is nice, most of the talent we sign have never taken professional photos before.

Is this some sort of scam to get me to pay for a portfolio or photos?

No way! You are never asked to pay for anything upfront. You only pay us once we have booked you a job and you have already received payment.

How do I know you are a real company?

Pink Models has had a full background check conducted by the California State Labor Commissioner Board. All representatives of the company have been fingerprinted, their backgrounds thoroughly examined, business location inspected and bonded in order to approved for a talent agency license.

Am I required to work all jobs or a minimum amount of time?

No! You work as often as you want and have full control as to what types of jobs you are interested in doing. Obviously, the more you’re open to the more jobs get offered. A lot of models like to work once or twice a week and like to cherry pick the highest paying offers.

I am interested but don’t want the world know?

All models are encouraged to use a "modeling name" not to attract unwanted attention.Those pictures of models shown outside of the client area are with permission from the model. Talk to your booker at Pink Models about how your model career is going to be planned.

Q: How much can I expect to make?

That depends on many factors. The more you’re open to the more offers you get. We have had some models make as much has 15.000 euro in a 30 day period. In many instances we have signed models to 5000 euro guaranteed contracts to they have a level of comfort that they will be making money right from the beginning.

What if I start to make a lot of money during my first month of modeling and decide to stop?

No problem. You are never obligated to work.

Do I have to have big boobs or a slim figure?

No. We have a lot of successful models with A & B cups. Fake boobs are okay too but real is always better even if they are smaller. Curves are always good too.

How do I get started?

Simply fill out the model form on the Become a model page. Then you will be contacted by one of our bookers.

How soon after I sign up can I expect to start making money?

Once we receive your application and choose to work with you, we set up your audition to get casting photos & video. You are working paid jobs within 3-5 days.

What is the work for?

Mostly magazines & web sites. For those models looking for work on the down low, we have many private sites that are generally out of the public eye.

What do the shoots consist of?

All shoots consits of photos and video (yes, video)! If Playboy picked you today to be there Playmate of the Month, you would take several pictorials and also shoot several videos for their site and channel. This is how all of the big companies work. If you're not comfortabel with video then this is not the right company for you.

How many models do you manage?

We manage anywhere from 35-50 at any given time. We are happy to provide references for any girl considering signing up but would like to talk to some of our talent who are actively working to get their point of view.